Monday, Sept 18th, 8:30-9:20

Michael Koch, Sr. Director of Store Development, Samsung will present:

“The Transformation of Experiential Retail” 

Program reviews the evolution of retail since the 60’s and how current technology has transformed how we shop and interact with products.

The event also highlights how critical planning and collaboration with business partners becomes when creating experiences that are able to adapt to ever-changing demands.

The Forbes Award Winning Samsung 837 is showcased as the latest Samsung design for integration of technology with customer experience in an “un-store” environment. Reviewing the creative concept, customer journey, design footprint, schematic planning and layout will close the program with opportunities for Q/A.

About the Presenter 


Since 2013, Michael Koch has served as the Senior Director of Development for Samsung Electronics America based in Richardson, Texas.

Previously, Michael spent 23 years working for Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Guess, Nextel, and The Ritz-Carlton while living in Washington, D.C.; London, England; and Lugano, Switzerland. Michael studied at the University of Maryland, where he received a bachelor’s degree in architectural and design engineering.


Monday, Sept 18th 1:40-2:30

Rachel Saunders, Director of Insights and Strategy, Cassandra


How Millennials and Gen Z are Shaping the Stores of the Future

Millennials and Generation Z are spending a growing share of their social lives in the digital realm, and it’s impacting what they look for from their shopping experiences—both online and off. Social by Design: How Millennials and Gen Z are Shaping the Stores of the Future will explore how brands can leverage this shift to their advantage by creating immersive retail environments that incorporate digital touchpoints and shareable social moments to build lasting loyalty with seemingly fickle young shoppers

About the Presenter

Rachel Saunders is a futurist who explores shifts in culture and commerce for leading global brands and institutions. Her research findings and interviews have appeared in PBS’s “Frontline,” NPR’s “Marketplace,” AdAge, ADWEEK, Business Insider, Digiday, Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, Racked, The Wall Street Journal and Vogue.

As Insights and Strategy Director at Cassandra, a division of the Engine Group, she and her team study the behaviors and mindsets of Millennials and Generation Z in major markets throughout the world, humanizing and translating data into insights that help clients identify emerging business, marketing, and investment opportunities. In 2016, she was named Editor in Chief of Cassandra Daily, the company's trend forecasting report read each day by thousands of brand and media executives.

Tuesday, Sept 19th,  8:15-9:15

Join the short walk to Gensler’s signature downtown LA office for a presentation on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Learn how technology and visualization are creating new opportunities in the development and engagement of Design and Architecture by a leading voice in the architectural space.

This event will give an overview, show examples of work, and demonstrate some of the tools used to integrate VR and AR into the design process and product.  

About the Presenter:

Alan Robles
Associate, Experience Designer

With over two decades of design experience across multiple disciplines, Alan has evolved an eclectic skillset incorporating elements of all his previous adventures. His current incarnation as an experience designer allows him to leverage his broad skillset in the pursuit of creating engaging, visceral experiences. Advanced visualization technologies including Augmented and Virtual Reality increasingly allow design to jump from the page or screen to the enveloping world. Alan focuses his efforts on exploring the edges of these technologies and successfully integrating them into the design