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September 12-14, 2021
Duration: 2 Days

Tom Litchford, Head of Worldwide Retail, AWS will present: “Working Backward to Move Retail Forward”.

The acceleration of digital engagements with consumers got a powerful boost during the pandemic. And who’s powering this retail innovation? It’s AWS, the cloud computing company born from retail and built for retailers. Industry veteran Tom Litchford—whose 40-year retail career has included positions at the National Retail Federation (NRF), Microsoft, and now Amazon Web Services (AWS)—will give us an eye-opening view into the “culture of experimentation” that retailers and brands are clamoring to utilize.

Today’s consumers want their experience to be fast, easy, and personalized. It’s critical that the same conveniences offered to customers online become inherent to physical retail. But before turning a retail spaceinto a ‘smart store’, store designers, visual merchandisers, and retailers need to start by thinking about the customer, identifying points of friction within the store, and applying the latest in technological advances to remove this friction and delight shoppers.

Tom will give the Collaborate audience insights into programs that the likes of Petco, Nike, Hudson, and Amazon Fresh are using to create new in-store experiences and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. He’ll also offer insights into AWS’s “culture of experimentation” and offer advice from adopting this way of working backwards from the customer. This talk will be a powerful way for this year’s attendees to be ready to deliver on the latest digital engagement thinking and prepare ourselves for new ways we bring value to our clientele.



Tom Litchford, Head of Worldwide Retail, AWS

Tom is Head of Worldwide Retail at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He leads AWS‘s industry strategy and guides the leadership team for marketing and sales enablement, channel development, and the solution offerings required to address customers’ business needs. Tom’s 40 years of experience in systems engineering, sales, product management and marketing of technology business solutions for the retail and hospitality industries has included leadership positions at NCR Corporation and Microsoft. Prior to joining AWS in 2017, Tom served as Vice President of Retail Technologies at the National Retail Federation, where he oversaw the organization’s cybersecurity program, the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) programs and its technology communities, including the invite-only CIO Council, Women in Retail IT, IT Security Council and the Tech Council.


Pam Levine and Tobias Harris thought leaders and visionary creatives at Levine & Harris will discuss: How The Evolving Omni Retail Landscape is Influencing Our Roles As Creatives- an honest discussion


Since 2020 when our world turned upside down and omni-retail gained momentum, the "creatives" of the retail industry: marketers, architects, designers, service providers, and more, were forced to reconsider our positions, businesses, skills, services, and approaches. We are challenged to elevate customer engagement, retail experience, environment, and overall path to purchase, developing dynamic touchpoints that serve to transform the new borderless shopping experience. 
Pam and Tobias will share their distinct perspectives, showcasing current solutions, and welcome you to join an interactive discussion that explores how the industry is adapting to the new landscape; revising priorities, services, roles, category expertise, and best practices 

Pam Levine, CEO Brand Experience Specialist, Levine Luxury Branding

Tobias Harris, Principal - Chief Creative Officer TDC

                     Levine + Harris             Experience Design Lab

Pam Levine and Tobias Harris, thought leaders and visionary creatives, offer best practices spanning branding, visual merchandising, and retail design for luxury fine jewelry, as well as popular and mass specialty brands, restaurants and hotels. They create human-centered shopping experiences that forge customer connections--in store, online, and beyond traditional realms. Levine + Harris partnership provides flexible yet future-proof positioning strategies, dynamic customer journeys, multimedia turn-key retail environments, and communications all working together to engage, surprise, delight, ultimately stimulating purchases and driving profitable growth. Clients include Cartier, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, Hilton, Harrods, McDonalds, Shake Shack, Coca Cola and Westfield.  



Tiago Buccarelli Justino, Sr Manager E&Y will present: Human-centered Design and Collaboration | Design Strategy as a Mental Model versus Project Delivery

Today’s design leaders must think differently on the way they deliver for clients and stakeholders, and above all, their people. Tiago Baccarelli Justino, design strategist and experience design practice leader at EY wavespace, will share how by inspiring human centeredness and ingenuity, teams can reframe their toughest challenges and develop desirable solutions faster. Based in San Francisco, EY’s wavespace brings technology, design and business together to form a trifecta today’s clients and customers demand. At Collaborate 2021, Justino will explore how design strategy can empower diverse retail sectors, including quick-service restaurants to truly innovate and ultimately become the disruptors, rather than the disrupted.


Tiago Baccarelli Justino, design strategist and experience design practice leader at EY wavespace

Tiago Baccarelli Justino has decades of retail experience advising leading companies in consumer-packaged goods, technology, media and entertainment as well as telecom. Clients include Disney, Chevron, Merck, Boeing, Cisco, Providence and Centra. He’s also a shopper marketing expert with global experience for Johnson & Johnson, Purina, Unilever and Nestle. Justino currently serves as adjunct professor at IIT | Institute of Design’s Masters-in-Design program and customer advisory board member at Adobe.